Saturday, March 09, 2013

A "Lamb" Day!

Today was a lovely day for March! Much more "lamb" than "lion."

We had a delicious mid-day dinner with my parents, then played some rounds of Bananagrams.
The kids have been winning all the rounds lately, but today they were a bit off  form and Ed and I each won a game, and my dad won several. It was quite satisfying. Except to Katie, who needs some practice at losing gracefully.

 Here is one of Travis's winning arrangements. I knew there was a reason we studied obscure rhetorical forms!

And my parents have a daffodil in bloom! How awesome is that! Must be a "microclimate" thing, since we have quite a few daffodils, and none of them are in bloom. Isn't it lovely?

Here is Katie, over her miff and enjoying the sweet smell of the little flowers on the shrub beside the carport.

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