Friday, March 08, 2013

And the Party Continues!

It has not been our most productive week. We began by taking Monday off, in honor of Katie's birthday. A lovely day! Then, Tuesday, both kids had dental appointments. Not only did these use up a large chunk of the day, but both kids need return trips for cavities. Grrrr! And the dentist kindly twitched out Katie's last baby tooth, which means we can now start looking into braces. The poor child undoubtedly needs them, but, again, grrrr!

Wednesday and Thursday went as well as could be expected, given that we were "behind" after two days of gallivanting. And then today, Friday, was Katie's party! Not really a party, but a fun afternoon with a dear friend over to play and have dinner and cake with us. Katie has been looking forward to this for weeks, had planned all the things they would do, put together little goody-bags (one for herself, one for her friend!), and was so afraid that Something would Go Wrong. But it didn't!

They made pretzels...

played Just Dance 4...

 brought out every American Girl item they each own (Katie's friend's mom made Katie a gorgeous new dress for her doll -- I wish I were so clever!)....
*notice Woody, moseying up to one of the dolls? That Woody!

We sang Happy Birthday again, but this time we limited the cake by using purchased cupcakes. Don't weep for Katie, though! My mom is going to bake her another cake to share with our co-op friends on Monday!

(See! He does eat! Just not often.)

She says that everything  was perfect!

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