Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy Pi Day!

Once again it snuck up on me, but I quickly made a coconut cream pi (with generous dashes of spiced rum, and exquisitely toasted coconut!) and saved the day! Of course, then I had to go and try to take a picture of my darling family (Katie is holding a partly sewn doll, as to represent .14 of a person) and they are looking cranky because they just want to Eat the Pie. Next year I'll just take a picture of the pie.

Good day, though, and this evening we went up to church so that Travis could help with the Youth Fundraiser to raise money for the planned Youth Mission Trip to Maine. The Youth (the four of them who were present) hosted a "Men's Night Out," featuring hamburgers and other manly foods, and Katie and I went off to a nice restaurant, treated by a kind friend in the congregation, to enjoy Women's Night Out. This is an event that many of the women of the church get together for once every month, but I've never gone. And it was fun! The ladies were very nice, the conversation was great, and Katie only got the gentlest teasing. And after the meal, when we got back to the church, Travis and the girls were finishing putting up the left-over food and Ed was happily playing poker! (They were only betting chips, though, in the spirit of its being a fundraiser, they did put money in to play.) He did well and had fun, and Travis seems to have done fine also (he did not play poker).

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