Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I made corned beef and cabbage tonight! Ed felt a pang of Irish heritage (his father's family is Irish, so he is entitled) and requested this dinner. The children were skeptical (actually, I was too), but it came out quite nicely, and everyone ate it (except,  of course, Katie wouldn't even try the cabbage, the coward!).  I also made the most fabulous chocolate brownies, with a lovely mint frosting, for church, but that wasn't the culinary adventure that the corned beef and cabbage was.

My darling mother offered to make two different kinds of hot cross buns for me to take up to church next Sunday for the other bun-makers to sample, so we can choose the best recipe to bake for the next week. Is she awesome or what? If only we could steal her away from my father's church of the Excessively Rational Who Enjoy Unhurried Sunday Breakfasts, our coffee hour problems would be solved! However, she is pitching in with great generosity on the hot cross buns project, so I won't complain (much).  In other church related news, Travis will be playing the First Thief (not the nice one) in the Good Friday Passion Play. Could have been worse!

Yesterday was so beautifully warm that we opened all the windows, and all the spring flowers are blooming, but today was cold and gloomy. Still, we're definitely easing into spring! Hooray!


susanB said...

i am pea green about your corned beef and cabbage. it's one of my favorite dishes, and i didn't even get any this year!

Melora said...

I was surprised at how good it was! I think we'll do it again, next year!