Monday, April 01, 2013


We had a glorious Easter!
The church service was beautiful and very well-attended, with particularly lovely music. The coffee hour, which we helped with, was a great success. I really do love our church family.

And my parents came over for dinner! Ed made a turkey, and it was very nice (the meal and the evening!).
And here Travis is eating chocolate. Katie did the same. He looks a little dopey because this is a before breakfast bunny and he is not a morning person.

And my bunny cake.  The picture wants to be sideways.

And my parents. Aren't they cute?

 Not sure why Travis is looking disapproving and Katie is looking deranged here. They want me to get on with it and butcher the bunny.

Today we went hiking! It was overcast but otherwise very nice.

 This is such a great picture of my Daddy that I had to post it, even though I look pretty goofy.

And here my dad prepares to climb into the sweet little Kubata we found abandoned in the woods. Only, as it turned out, whoever left it had locked it up and taken the key. What a shame.

 And Katie made this little woman eating a chicken pot pie (she's holding a spoon, in case you can't tell). Quite the masterpiece in Playdoh, eh?

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