Thursday, April 04, 2013

Oh, For Crying Out Loud!

 This. Snow. In April. My indignation knows no bounds. (Katie, however, as you can see, was delighted!)

Outrage aside, things have been going along pretty much as usual. Our roof started leaking in a new place.  Thanks to all the rain we've had today it should soon become evident whether or not the latest patch will hold. And the weather is still cold. (see photos. okay. the snow is unusual, but the cold is not, and it Should be -- the calendar says "spring," and I want warm breezes and sunshine!)
However, aside from defective weather, things are fine. Everyone is healthy, we have food, heat, books, Dr. Who on Netflix, etc. Not so shabby, really.

Katie has been drawing. Here are a couple of her pictures...

("all the horses of the world...")

And Travis had to write a poem today for grammar class. It is called "Pie."

Do you know where the secret lies,
Of how to make the greatest pies?
Not in a secret treasure trove.
Not even in a magic stove.

To make the perfect pastry crust,
In lard and flour you must trust.
To make a pie both moist and sweet,
Grind up some chocolate bunny feet.

Once all the steps have been completed,
And all your pie themed fears defeated,
Just sit down with your own fair share,
Because good pie is just so rare!

(I gave him a little help with the middle stanza, as he was a little vague on what goes into a pie crust.)


Anonymous said...

'oh, for crying out loud' is right! sheesh. mother nature is displaying her moodiness...
the poem is hilarious.

The Foil Hat said...

LOL - Mike's secret to great pie crusts is a dash of vodka into the lard and flour. I'm not sure why it works, but yum! Loved Travis' poem.

Ummm ... didn't you just post a picture of a daffodil? I'm getting cold looking at your pictures. Sending big, warm spring vibes your way. (Now, I'm going to go put on socks in your honor ...brrrrr!)

Melora said...

Thanks, Susan! If Mother Nature is feeling moody, I suppose I should be grateful it is just cold she's throwing at me. But it is hard!

Amy, I am going to try Mike's recipe! My vodka is vanilla bean colored, but it never gets to percolate long enough for the bean to work its magic. I'll pass along your compliment!
I Did post a daffodil! The cherry trees are in blossom, etc.! Very mixed message -- I came out of hibernation and feel very deceived!

Elizabeth said...

It’s always a hassle to have a leaking roof! Repair it as soon as the weather gets better. Though it’s very unusual to have snow since it’s already spring time (supposedly), just find a way enjoy the extended winter.

-Elizabeth Hoffnung