Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Spring! Delicious, delightful, delectable spring!

The wretched cold is past, and we are through with math! (I almost wax poetic!) Okay, not finished, but taking a couple weeks off, and that is close enough. School without math is, around here, practically a holiday!

This morning I complained to Ed that it is still too cold for me to be cheerful about getting out of bed, but he pointed out that it is perfect weather for walking. And it's true! I wore layers and bundled in a jacket for my lunchtime reading on the deck, but when I went walking this evening it was absolutely lovely! Walking in the cool evening air, listening to Rob Inglis read "Treebeard" (though he didn't finish -- that chapter is more than an hour long!) -- it just doesn't get much nicer.

Ed has been worrying about Something Living Under the Deck, but today we got a good look at the Something and he is no longer worried. Isn't that the darlingest little bunny? Katie and I put out baby carrots for him.

Ed cooked the burgers tonight! I love not cooking, and look at how happy he looks about it! I never smile like that when I cook. Never. I should let him be that happy every night. (Just teasing. He really does not like cooking at all. But he Loves having his picture taken!)

And Katie set up her easel just inside the garage, with the door open. When Ed asked what she was painting she said, "The yushe." (That is pre-teen for "the usual.") A mermaid. As if it would be worthwhile painting anything else! She's listening to North and South. She finds Mr. Hale annoying but says Mr. Thornton is dreamy.

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