Wednesday, May 15, 2013


It was warmer today, and completely gorgeous. I'd have happily spent the day out on the deck, coming in only to refill my lemonade. Actually, the kids would have been fine with that plan too. Katie started Charlotte Sometimes, by Penelope Farmer, this morning and regarded all her school assignments as interruptions. A view I completely understand, but I did my best to be stern (though lunch did extend to at least an hour and a half because I had to find out what happened next in my book, The Book of Atrix Wolfe, by Patricia McKillip). Travis wasn't feeling quite the thing today, but he did what he was supposed to with fair alacrity, eager to get back to making his mystery video.

Our Teaching Company video, Foundations of Western Civilization, was so interesting this morning that we watched two lectures (okay, Katie did fall asleep during the second one. But Travis and I enjoyed it!). I love the way Professor Noble ties things together so that you see the Big Picture. Just what I want in a Western Civ. class, and I think it will set the stage nicely for our later, more in-depth series on  Egypt and the various Greek authors and philosophers. And I got to listen to wonderful little Professor Robinson on my mp3 player tonight while I walked! His Greek Legacy: Classical Origins of the Modern World is another "see the connections" series, and it is so inspiring that I almost want to return my lovely stack of fantasy novels to the library and dive straight into Plato and Aristotle. Almost!

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