Saturday, May 18, 2013

Bunnies and Home Ec. Success!

but the bunnies are not a home economics success. Ed has vetoed all my livestock schemes. Probably for the best.

But the cute little bunny living under the deck turns out to be two cute little bunnies! They were leaping and frolicking all around the back yard this evening. They climb right through the fence, of course, and the bolder of the bunnies was doing his best to clamber into the wheel barrow, and then trying to figure out how to open the garage door! The other one is more timid. I wonder how many there really are, living there under our deck?

And Travis decided to cook shrimp for dinner tonight! (Ed and I were having salads, which meant that the kids had to eat salad with us or cook something themselves. I can be awfully mean.) My parents gave us some lovely things from their freezer when they went back to Maine this year, and among them was part of a bag of frozen shrimp. Travis defrosted them, breaded them, and fried them. And, and This is the home economics success part, he did Not burn them! (He likes frying things but always winds up setting off the fire alarm and having to cut off a lot of blackened parts.) Aren't they just golden and beautiful? He was proud of them too. He wondered whether we should start a fried shrimp restaurant! Too bad he didn't think of that before they auctioned off our "downtown" -- we could have bought a building and gone into business!

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