Friday, May 03, 2013

The Best Boxes

are, of course, boxes with books!

It is that time of year. We aren't quite finished with this year (in fact, Travis will be working on Latin and both kids will be doing science all summer), but I've been happily (giddily!) planning  next year's studies. Next year is going to be so awesome!

Today my first order from Rainbow Resources came!

Artistic Pursuits, Argument Builder, maps, Writing Research Papers..... aren't they delicious? And the box arrived mercifully unsmashed, unlike yesterday's unfortunate package from Memoria Press. 
The post office must have split the box wide open, as the DVD's, Fourth Form teacher's manual, and ancient world maps were just gone, and the books that were shoved back into the box were dirty and torn. And, to top it off, they slapped on this note. I particularly like "We hope this incident does not inconvenience you." Right. I spent a small fortune ordering stuff sort of hoping that the items would arrive damaged or not at all. 

Fortunately, the kind people at Memoria are replacing the stuff that the post office lost. They offered to replace the damaged books too, but I wasn't sure that was fair, since the situation wasn't their fault. 

On a cheerier note, though, I also have this box of beauties to caress! My aunt bought these to watch and then to share with our family! Isn't she wonderful? I am so looking forward to these videos! This course will be (according to The Plan) Travis's senior year science (and, eventually, Katie's), but we'll watch the videos this summer.

The cats Love book buying season!

Harry wants me to take the books back out of the Rainbow box, so he can climb into it. And the Rainbow people seem to be on his side -- if you'll notice, they put a cat sticker on the box, under the address! Books for the people, boxes for the cats. Life is good!


Paula said...

That all looks so wonderful, except the smashed box. I'm so glad they're being replaced for you.

Melora said...

Thank you! I am so excited about my new stuff!