Sunday, May 26, 2013

Trinity Sunday

Lovely service up at church today. Followed by a two hour (or nearly) meeting about Youth activities. My. I still haven't developed a taste for meetings. However, we went over details of the mission trip in July, signed release papers, discussed bears and rip tides (I am told there aren't either), etc. Then we discussed the Spaghetti Dinner/Talent Show that the Youth (the expression "the Youth" irks the bejeebers out of Travis. which makes it fun!) is putting on next Sunday night. I got off lightly! I was going to supply parmesan cheese and garlic butter (for 80), but then something happened while my mind was wandering and I was informed that I was only on for the butter! How easy is that? Of course, it will mean being at church from 9:00 in the morning to probably close to 9:00 at night, what with all the cooking that will need to be done between the service and the dinner, but still.... I'm just bringing garlic butter!

And look what came yesterday! My budget-busting bargain Great Courses set from Amazon! Eighty-four enlightening lectures on the Great Authors, from Gilgamesh to Samuel Beckett! Quite the stack of awesomeness! Now I just have to find some shelf space.

And my flowers are blooming! The azaleas are very nice this year.

And the roses are still virus-y, but I'm hopeful that a few will pull through.

And my hydrangeas are fabulous! These are the first flowers, but the bushes are covered with buds.

This is for you, Daddy! You show that to your bushes -- show them what their young cousins in North Carolina are doing!

Isn't that nice? Any day now the Japanese beetles will show up and devour everything the virus has left, but for today my roses are lovely.

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