Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Couch Day

Had a massive muscle spasm in my lower back this morning, before starting the kids on their lessons. We did watch two lectures in Robert Brier's The History of Ancient Egypt (I've never been all that keen on Egypt, but this may be my all-time favorite Teaching Company series!), but the rest of the day I spent pretty much like this....

(thank you, Travis!)
or sleeping. I don't know how much of their work the kids did. I did watch them in the pool for a while, gritting my teeth and feeling noble.

The kids have been doing Vacation Bible School with the Baptists Next Door this week. (They don't have Bible School in the fire truck. The fire truck ride around the neighborhood is just a tradition at the kick-off event, which this year also featured pizza instead of hot dogs!)

My back is feeling enough better tonight that I've been able to walk a little (and sit down at the computer!), so tomorrow I hope to be properly mobile again!

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