Sunday, June 09, 2013


Katie made eclair cake (her first!) to take to today's church picnic. It came out very nicely and she was so proud! I made chocolate brownies with mint frosting, which were also well received.

Today was our yearly church picnic (following the service) at the beautiful farm of a member of the congregation.  Her house is on a hilltop, and her gardens, despite the long winter we had, were gorgeous!

We had a guest preacher (I overheard that he is a "preacher" instead of a "priest" because he was never ordained, but instead teaches theology), Scott Bader-Saye, who gave an absolutely marvelous sermon based on today's gospel reading, Luke 12:22-34. He's a school chum of our priest, and I've had his book, Following Jesus in a Culture of Fear, on my Amazon list, but now I've moved it up the list to "really want to read soon." Really inspiring stuff.

 (setting up chairs)

You can just see how much Ed and the kids love it when I take pictures of them eating, can't you?

I wish I could remember what this shrub was called. It has beautiful purple flowers.

Spirea. I want it.

And her peonies were absolutely glorious!

The ball game. Travis played astonishingly well, given his experience with sports. He hit the ball well, ran in the right direction, .... all that stuff!

Katie declined to play ball this year. But she made herself charming in the kitchen, so all was forgiven.

And my flowers do not belong in the same post as Frances's, but my hydrangeas are blooming, and, even amid the weeds and lack of mulch, I love them!

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