Friday, June 21, 2013

June Stuff

The usual summer schedule. Pool, school, reading. Just this week I've started working on clearing out some of our old papers, workbooks, etc., and trying to arrange things so that in July I'll really start planning for next year. Really!

Katie asked me the other day, "Are you watching us carefully in the pool?" I don't know why she would suspect me!

Of course, part of why I get bored and find myself involved in a chapter is that the kids spend a lot of time worrying about the critters that share our pool with them. Here Travis is trying duct tape on crevices in the pool which the frogs particularly like to nestle in. It did seem to work, but Ed wouldn't spare the whole roll so the frogs still have plenty of niches.

Here you might detect the gleam of Katie's braces. She went in last week and came home with green brackets!


Here they are hunting a ..... spider. You'd think, judging by their expressions, that they'd seen something really Large and Poisonous, but it was actually a relatively small (dead) spider. I'm sure that eventually they will learn to love All of God's creatures. Sort of sure.

Travis gave Katie one last ride....

and decided he was done. She was not ready to be done, poor lamb!  But we picked up a stack of novels at the library yesterday and she soon found consolation. (She whipped through Vivian Vande Velde's The Rumpelstiltskin Problem and immediately started telling me which stories were the best and that I had to read! That's my girl!)

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