Sunday, June 23, 2013

Tubing on the New River

After the service today, we went tubing down the New River with a group from church. It was Wonderful. Even Travis said it was fun!

We were lucky in that we had to wait at the tubing place for half an hour before we set out, as they had to wait for a van with a certain trailer hitch. Lucky because it was overcast and there were some thunder rumbles. When our vans reached the drop-off point it had stopped rumbling but was still raining pretty sturdily. 

  Promising to hop straight out of the river if we heard more thunder, we set out...

 (turns out that taking pictures through a wet plastic bag yields less than clear photos. who'd have thought?)

In a very short time, though, the rain stopped, the sun came out, and it was absolutely, gloriously beautiful!

Travis tubed in a very sedate manner, but Katie fell out of her tube repeatedly. On purpose!

It was definitely a trip worth repeating someday!

And here are a couple flowers from my weed beds....

and my darling hydrangeas!

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