Thursday, July 18, 2013

He's Back!!!!

Travis got back this afternoon! I am told that the trip was incredible, that everyone got along perfectly the entire trip, and, did I mention, that it was amazing! Travis says it was pretty cool. 
Actually, he was pretty enthusiastic, for him, on the way home. He told us about painting and fixing things at the church, eating lobster that they caught (they went out on the lobster boats when the lobster men brought in the lobsters), seeing seals and eagles and porpoises, eating pizza, talking politics, etc. 

And then we got home and he tossed his laundry down the basement steps (at my request) and was back on his computer, working on his movie. It's nice to have him sitting across from me (wearing my good earphones, incidentally, which are the only remaining functioning pair in the house. heck, I even love that he's taken my earphones!). 

I love having my two sweet guys across the table at dinner! We didn't expect Travis would be home for dinner, and I've taken a break from cooking while the kids were gone. Ed has eaten sandwiches every night, with hardly a murmur of complaint. But I'm making pasta puttanesca tomorrow night, which is one of Travis's favorites, and I did buy raspberry & chocolate chip ice cream today, in honor of the return!

We finally got a letter from Katie today. It said, and I quote, "Dear Mommy and daddy, The water was freezing. I slept on the sanctuary floor, that was hard, but we watched Happy Feet. I miss you! Write to me soon!   tons of love, Katie"
Okay. Why is my child sleeping on the floor? The hard floor? I am not sure that letter suggests a happy little camper, but Ed says maybe she wrote it on Monday and things have improved since. I hope so. Anyway, we leave at the crack of dawn (actually, probably before that) on Saturday to pick her up. Then we'll have one day with both kids, before we leave Travis at camp for a week. After that, things will be back to our pleasant normal, but in the meantime, I'm sure these adventures are good for them!

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