Sunday, July 14, 2013

Et tu, Katie?

We dropped Katie off at camp today. She was so excited. I think she's spent the past two months packing and repacking. When we got there, though, and she was watching the other girls unpacking, I could tell she was thinking of all the things she wished she'd brought! Electric fan, playing cards, art supplies, etc. But she has books and clean underwear, so I think she'll be fine. But I miss her already. A lot.

We stopped at Hardees on the way. Katie said the chicken strip sandwich was excellent, but the fries were very inferior (and Ed and I noticed once again that our digestions no longer appreciate fast food. ah, youth!).

We did get there in time (half an hour before they opened the doors for check-in, in fact) for Katie to get the top bunk she's been hoping for!

And here is the girls's "cabin." The counselor for Katie's group told us that they have forty-something girls this week and nineteen boys. Fortunately Katie still prefers fictional boys (Harry Potter and Aragorn), so she's happy about this. The girl in the neighboring bunk seemed friendly. I hope my sweet girl has a wonderful time!

Travis called tonight, and he sounded in very good spirits! Yesterday, when he called, he told us they'd been working on church/parsonage repairs -- painting and so on, but today he said they'd gone fishing! He said they saw seals (and that he took pictures) and they had eagles diving down for fish they threw! I asked if he'd caught any fish, and he said yes, he had. I asked what kind of fish. There was a pause. "Just fish." Ah.

He had to go pretty soon, as they needed to start a fire to make smores.  I guess it sounds like he's having a pretty good time. Have I mentioned that I miss him? But he's okay, and he's happy! So tomorrow I'll work on not missing my kids, and on getting mountains of lesson planning accomplished!

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