Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend in Asheville

We got to pick Katie up from camp this past Saturday morning, and then drop Travis off on Sunday afternoon. Since the camp is three hours away, and given the cost of gasoline, it worked out to pretty much the same cost (and a whole lot less wearying driving) to stay overnight in Asheville. We visited two botanical gardens, and also the artsy downtown area. We don't get out much, and it was a fun weekend!

Here Katie is, just coming down from the girls' cabin!


First we went to the North Carolina Arboretum. It was lovely!

 There were some beautiful gates. I particularly liked the kingfisher in this one!

There was a heavy rain for a while, but we were lucky to be right near a comfortable pavilion when it started. It made a nice break, and afterwards we admired the bonsai garden. We all had our favorites!

Then we decided to take the woodland path. Katie wanted me to take pictures of all the fungi. They were quite wonderful!

And we visited the Gift Shop before we left. I especially liked the Poison Oak & Ivy soap!

Then we visited the downtown area. The nice girl at our Red Roof Inn recommended the River Arts District, which might have been a better choice, but we went for the funky downtown. The children found it a little intimidating, but once we started walking around they decided that the Interesting People were okay. In fact, they felt very sorry for the street musician who was hauled off in a police car while we watched.

 We each picked a shop to go into. Katie picked The Chocolate Fetish, an excellent choice. It was the only store where we made a purchase!

 Ed bought three coconut creams, which were wonderful, and Travis, who has an eye for a bargain, bought some of these chocolate covered raspberries (2 for 50 cents!).
This was my store. Malaprop's Bookstore. It was neat, but I didn't find a copy of the new Annotated Little Women, which I'd hoped to look at. Oh well.
Lots of fun, book related stuff!

Travis picked an art gallery to explore. They had all sorts of manga-ish stuff and fantasy art. Katie found a Doctor Who print she was sure she needed, but then she saw the price! They didn't allow photos taken, so no pictures. And Ed led us on a browse of a little street bazaar. 
 And I really wanted to visit the Basilica of St. Lawrence, but no one else was up for it. Their roses were lovely.

The people-watching was wonderful. The girl playing the hammered dulcimer (?) was very good.

 Sunday we visited the Botanical Gardens of Asheville. Very different style than the Arboretum -- less formal and more woodsy -- but also lovely and interesting!

 We went for a late lunch, before dropping Travis off at camp. He wanted Chinese, and this place was incredible! An amazing selection (more kinds of sushi than I've ever seen!), and it was delicious. So at least he started the week well-nourished, poor lamb.

 Here is his cabin. He looked very tired when we left him, but he did know some of the boys already, so I hope he's having a good week. I'm sure he is, actually. But I'll be glad to have him home again!

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