Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Travis's Maine Trip!

Which is practically ancient history, and he's returned and gone off to camp, but there were a lot of pictures (Travis took pictures, a mom who went on the trip took beautiful pictures, and our priest (also on the trip) sent a few pictures). I should be doing other things right now, but the trip was a big deal, so laundry and lesson planning can wait a little longer! Travis had a wonderful time on this trip. You can't tell by his expression, but he told us about some of the things they did and actually sounded excited! Well... excited in a very low key sort of way. Anyway, he really enjoyed it.

The trip up. They left on July 11.

 Doughnuts in the car...
 and pizza at the hotel. Travis thought the pizza was impressively large.

Moose are a Maine thing.

A lighthouse. Travis was told it was on a potato chip bag. It does look familiar.
I think this is the ferry dock.
 The Frenchboro parsonage.

The rocky coast.

The kids joined the congregation on Sunday, and our priest's wife (who is a Methodist minister) preached. Even with our group the congregation is not large (although maybe most of them went off after church and didn't stay for the picture).

 They saw seals...
 and fed eagles and seagulls.

They went out lobstering.

They made fires on the beach and cooked marshmallows.

They had beautiful weather. No black flies.

And they ate lobster.

 And hot dogs.

 They did some hiking (short hikes, I assume. It is a small island.)
 And Travis fixed things. Also, I am told, painted things.

And they ate lobster. Did I mention? Lobster and pizza!

Here's our church group. Frankly, after looking through the pictures, I'm more inclined to call it "lobster quest" than "mission trip." But maybe they were just working too hard when they worked to take pictures. (Our priest sent an e-mail with a whole laundry list of good works they accomplished. He didn't mention lobster once.) Maybe.

 And then they came home!

He had fun.

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