Monday, August 26, 2013


Third week of co-op today, and we are definitely getting a rhythm. Not that I got in everything I wanted to. Not by a long shot. The Egyptian gods ran overtime, and we rushed through literary terms. The boys didn't love the Leiden  Hymns the way I did. Travis enjoyed Gilgamesh, but the other boys read a children's version and weren't so taken with it. A bit of a disappointment there, as I figured that for a sure hit. Still, they did get a kick out of Egyptian mythology, and I think they will do fine with the new writing assignment, with involves comparing the flood narratives from Mesopotamian literature (Gilgamesh, specifically) with the one in Genesis. And the younger class is making good progress on their essays, so I think things are going along just fine!

Travis's speech class presented their commercials. Of course I missed them, since I was teaching writing to the younger kids, but I'm hoping to get a video. Travis says they were funny!

Here are Katie and friends dressed as Egyptians, just after presenting their oral reports on Egyptian gods. Katie enjoyed the project!

And here they are working on their paper mache hippos!

A very good start to our week!

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