Saturday, August 24, 2013

Hanging On to Summer

We may, technically, have started school again, but I'm not ready to let go of summer...

It was gorgeous today! A bit chilly in the shade, but lovely in the sun!

 Here Katie is explaining her theory of how to get rid of the (tiny) spider on the tube to Travis. He appears skeptical.

Of course, he often appears skeptical, so it may well have been a perfectly good plan.

And yet one more use for the balloon-blower-upper.

Katie hadn't finished all her work on Friday and had to finish some today. Here Emma is, guarding the computer, so that Katie won't be tempted. Is that a cat or a velociraptor? Look at that claw!

And the four pans of blueberry cobbler I was asked to make for church tomorrow as part of the coffee hour/luncheon presentation on the Maine trip. Is it okay if I borrow your 9x13 pan, Mom? Thanks!

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