Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Latin Studies

Okay, not really "studies." More like "vaguely Roman/Greek/Animal House" related costume party. At Latin club!
Just in case the costumes are not quite obvious, Travis is Aphrodite, goddess of love (with her trusty clam/sea shell -- picture Botticelli's "Birth of Venus," with Travis replacing Venus. Forgive me!) Katie is Hera/Juno, Queen of the Gods.
 Here we also have Polyphemus, Zeus, Hercules, and, possibly, another Zeus.
 Also Athena, Themis (goddess of justice), Medusa, and, again, Hera.

 Too much ambrosia.Or maybe it was the nectar. Or, possibly, the chocolate fondue.

Here Aphrodite gracefully plays "catch the cheese."

Aphrodite played with such vigor that her hair flew off.

Waiting for the winner of the costume contest to be announced. Themis won, and deservedly so. She made her own costume, and it was lovely. My kids were the only others to make their own costumes. They did not win, but they voted for each other, which always warms my heart.

Playing "work the Ritz cracker down from your forehead without touching it and eat it." Another sophisticated party game we learned today.

By the end of the party, Aphrodite and her clam were battling for their lives against Hercules. Pretty much inevitable, eh?

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