Saturday, November 23, 2013

They're Here!

 My parents, that is!

Actually, they got here a week ago last Thursday. But I've reached new levels of behindness lately with the blog, as well as with other things. I'm sure I'll get caught up over the holidays! (In my head we are in the first week of November, but it appears that my head is wrong. We were watching Jeeves and Wooster last night and I felt a strong sense of kinship with "Biffy" Biffen, who is so muddled he's been known to forget his own name.) Still.... my parents are here! Hooray!

We went walking last Tuesday (see photos, above). It was lovely! The weather has been alternating between glorious and way-too-cold, but with the balance on the nice side.

Today my mom cooked us a wonderful dinner, and everyone beat me at Bananagrams. That's okay. I figure that I ought to get at least some of the credit for my kids' cleverness, though it would be nice to win a game every so often! And, of course, I had mocha-chocolate-chip ice cream to console me.

Also, Daddy is taking up Latin! We are going to go through Wheelock's together. I fell behind and quit the on-line Wheelock's course I started last year, but now, with my dad to motivate me, I have high hopes of making it through! (insert Bob the Builder style encouraging cheer -- "Can we learn it? Yes we Can!")

And Travis has published the Latin Club website! Here is the link... Yadkin Valley Latin Club
He says it still needs work -- he isn't quite happy about the lack of shadowing on the home page, and the photo page and the fund raiser page are not quite done (and I keep insisting that his front page survey contains an error), but mostly it is done. I think it looks nice! And, clever fellow, he also recently (yesterday) fixed my computer! It was no longer "booting," but he took out a hard drive (there were two in there, but evidently one was slacking off) and the other one saw the error of its ways and went back to work! Of course, I am now hesitant (as in, not a chance I'm going to do it) to turn the computer off again until we find out what went wrong, and also until I've convinced my little computer guy to make me a start-up thingy and to back up my data, but still... here I am, back on-line!

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