Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

 I hope you  had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We did all the usual things here, and it was all good. Very, very good, and I am so thankful.

We ate early (at noon), but Ed and the kids watched the parade in the morning. As usual, I declined to sit down with them at first (though I love listening in on their commentary!), but eventually they lured me in with promises of Snoopy balloons and Cookie Monster floats, and I settled on the couch between the kids. I don't care for parades, and all the pop singers looked and sounded exactly the same (mediocre singing and excessive writhing), but watching all that dumbness with my goofy kids was pretty great.

(They even watch the commercials! I stayed for a few, but the one for Donnie and Marie in some sort of a dance show just did me in. Scary.)

My mom did enough of the cooking that the meal wasn't much trouble, and her cooking  is so good! She did the mushrooms, the beans, and the pies. Pecan and pumpkin. Oh my. So tasty!

My sweet Eddie cooked the bird, and it was a masterpiece of juicy flavorfulness. People who say that turkey isn't  much just have never eaten Ed's turkey.

Which just left me with the sides! I added dried cranberries and walnuts to the stuffing this year, as well as the usual onions and celery, and it was especially good. The sweet potatoes might have turned out just a skudge too sweet, but most of them (I made a lot) will wind up in sweet potato bread anyway, so that's okay. And they really were pretty good. And Katie says the chocolate pie was not too bad either!

After dinner we played Clue. My dad won both games but had the grace to act surprised.

It was a lovely day.

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