Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Current Preoccupations

Two poems by Katie....

Poor Little Thomas
Soup, Pie, and dinner
Is all that's left of Thomas,
Our little turkey.

Pete, the Delicious Turkey
There once was a turkey named Pete.
They cooked him up, even his feet.
They ate him for lunch,
And dinner and brunch,
And that was the fate of poor Pete.

We did not actually name our turkey, nor are we cooking his feet. Otherwise I expect her verse is quite prophetic.

It is not all turkey and sweet potatoes around here, though. Travis's physics course has taken a detour (at least, I hope it is just a detour!) into trigonometry. I don't remember every learning about sines, cosines, or tangents (though I suppose it is possible that I've just forgotten), and my good little business calculator also finds itself at a loss. Fortunately, Travis found an internet calculator that knows about these things. Sigh. Physics is starting to confound me, but, Travis is actually managing quite well, if very slowly.

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