Monday, December 23, 2013


Emma Woodhouse, not Emma-the-cat. Our family book club had its second (and final) discussion of Emma this afternoon. We admired Jane Austen's vocabulary (and those of us reading on a Kindle Touch gloated a bit about the ease of the built in dictionary), and marveled at the glorious awfulness of Mrs. Elton. It was fun!

Then we had tea and cake. Well, no one actually had tea. But we did have orange-cranberry-walnut-rum cake, and it wasn't too bad!

Here Ed is taking a look at The Warden, which is our next book. We told him that it was about a tyrannical prison guard and had a prisoner breakout, car chases, and bimbos. I don't think he believed us. He and Travis have not yet chosen to join us in reading and discussing, but we are easing them into the book club thing by way of the food. Maybe next book!

And Katie, doing her version of the Vanna White thing. This year we somehow have an astonishing number of gifts (thanks, Mommy!), and the kids look at the profusion and marvel.

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