Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!!!!

It has been (once again!) the Best Christmas Ever! I have that straight from Travis, and I think he has it absolutely right!

 Slingshot cow! Santa also brought a slingshot duck, and they've been hurtling around the house today, moo-ing and quacking!

Santa also brought the much-desired sock monkeys!

And chocolate.

And I made sweet rolls. The kids aren't actually wild about them (although they are very good!),but they insist I make them. It is Tradition.

New slippers for Katie from my parents! Katie has wanted her own slippers for ages.

Totally awesome USB Mini Cooper from Darcy and Paul. It works (and it is So cute!)!

Travis thought the light spot was spooky. I post the picture just to tease him!
 New pocket tees!

Katie got Books! Mountains of glorious books! Used from her parents, and crisp, clean new ones from her Granny & Paba. She will be reading happily for quite a few weeks!

New hats!

And an external hard drive! Yum!

 Disco coolness!

The turkey! My mom bought it, and it was a fresh one -- so good!

Installing new RAM.

I got mountains of lovely books too!

Katie's American Girl doll got a beautiful new outfit too!

The external hard drive! A whole TB in that little box!

And my baby brother is here!!! He showed up this afternoon with his kids "in tow." Well, except that they are in Spain. But they said "hi" to us and we said "hi" to them!

They even joined us for dinner! Sort of.

Harry. He likes to sleep in all the chairs, so they all have that nice coating of cat hair.

The dinner was really very good. Best turkey I can remember, and the stuffing was first class!

I love this one of my mom and Katie! My mom made the carrot cake and let Katie decorate it. It was So delicious.

The guys. I think Travis is showing them around Minecraft.

And, of course, we ended up playing Bananagrams! I actually won a game, which almost never happens -- a Christmas miracle!

It was a perfect day, and I hope yours was too!


The Foil Hat said...

Sounds perfect! Great pictures.

Melora said...

Thanks, Amy!

Anonymous said...

how nice Jeremy could join you!

Melora said...

Yes! It is great to see him, and he is very good about helping with computer things, and Travis is enjoying talking Minecraft with him!