Friday, March 28, 2014

Et tu?

Wednesday was Latin club, and the kids solved the murder of Julius Caesar. Casca did it, the rat! 

(Here a centurion helps Katie with her toga. Katie's personal centurion is incapable of properly wrapping a toga.)

 In fact, I make a lousy centurion in every regard. No wonder my subject peoples keep rebelling.

The senators enjoying a good feed. With Vivaldi playing in the background. Time does funny things in our empire.

No pictures of the death of Caesar, since I was working the lights (Travis points out that flipping a single switch should not have taken all my powers, but I had to flip it at Just the Right Moment in Caesar's speech and... well, I just couldn't do both.). Caesar was speaking, the lights unexpectedly went out, and when they came back on, Caesar was Dead!
 Katie picked up a bloody dagger only because it was lying on the floor and she didn't want someone to trip on it.

The senators, on questioning, admitted to various ambitions, opinions, and degrees of affection (or loathing) for Caesar. It didn't take long before Casca was outed.

  Her utterly ruthless nature is pretty apparent.

 Having solved the mystery early, there was time for a rousing game of Ninja. We are nothing if not even-handed in our cultural studies.

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