Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Bit Frantic

I meant to post a week ago, with some very lovely pictures of olive bread I baked in my new cast iron pan. And also the homemade pasta that I've finally got the hang of making (the drying rack makes All the difference!). Except... that was actually two weeks ago. Things keep getting away from me.

Last week I was going to post spring flower pictures. They are lovely, though the temperatures are still a bit chilly for my taste. And these are from last Saturday. Katie's G-Force group (a fitness group for girls) went for a hike at Stone Mountain. My parents came, and we poked along behind the girls and their young, athletic parents. Katie was with the girls, and she had a marvelous time. We admired wildflowers and had a pretty fine time too.
After the hike, the girls played on the rocks at the base of Stone Mountain.

 And here is a peek at the Homestead.

In other news, co-op is winding down. We have three meetings left. We finished The Aeneid two weeks ago. Sniff! The first time I read it, last winter, I didn't love it. This time I really did. Enough to resolve to really apply myself to Latin again this summer, in the hope that someday I'll be able to read the Aeneid in Latin. Of course, since our co-op will be no more next school year and I will once again be in charge of my children's Latin education, I have to spend the summer studying Latin anyway.

More on the Latin front, and this is a shameless brag. Travis won the North Carolina Junior Classical League Website Contest! He created the website for our Latin club, and entered it in the contest, back when our club was planning to go the the convention in Chapel Hill. When the plans changed due to lack of interest, I forgot about the contest, but then we got an e-mail that He Won! So now, since Travis has to attend the convention for his win to be legit, we are off to Chapel Hill tomorrow for the Junior Classical League Convention. We are all a bit intimidated by the idea, but it will be an adventure! Katie has made some lovely jewelry to enter in the crafts contest, and Travis has high hopes of visiting a Dunkin Donuts.


Dy said...

Fun! I love the pics from the hike - this has been such a beautiful, welcome Spring, hasn't it?

Again, BIG :woot: for Travis on the website win! I'm glad you're going down for it - SHARE PICS!!

And this ---> "Except... that was actually two weeks ago. Things keep getting away from me." GAH, yes. That, exactly. Time keeps speeding up like this and I'll have to begin worrying about spontaneous combustion. How does this happen?

Running Monologue said...

Awesome photos from our hike! I'm so glad your parents got to join us. :) And I love the Julius Caesar post-- taking notes for my classroom. We DO take photos of the actual murder, which is, strangely, often hilarious. They also enjoy re-enacting the murder of Cinna the poet. Hmmmm.... should I be disturbed??? :)