Sunday, April 27, 2014

Coffee Feast

My mom provided our church coffee hour today, and the spread was dazzling! A huge, gorgeous Swiss cheese-mushroom breakfast casserole; whole wheat/banana/walnut loaf; date-walnut fruitcake (oh my word!); baklava (maybe her best batch ever, which is saying something!), and pecan squares. I made egg salad sandwiches, but only because I had left over Easter eggs. It was all So Good, and the congregation gobbled it up with a yum yum yum. They were lavish in their praise, but, as always when she does this, they all wondered why I don't bring my parents up to church once in a while. Maybe next year! Several of them also wondered, in a round about way, why my mom's gift for brilliant cookery hadn't rubbed off on me. Ed wonders the same thing!

  (The Swiss Cheese-Mushroom Casserole is down the far end of the table. I should have gotten a close-up -- it was fabulous!)

Thanks, Mommy! (And the church thanks you too! We're saving a place on the pew for you and Daddy!)

And, going backwards in time....
My mom fed us on Saturday too!

Carrot cake -- my absolute Favorite!!!

And then a few rounds of Bananagrams.

The dogwoods are in flower. I love them!

And, while we're traveling back ...
Here are some scenes from last week.

Katie was unwell last week. Partly allergies, no doubt, which have been rough, but also partly, we suspect, too much Easter candy. She was unhappy enough about how unwell she felt to resolve to dramatically reduce her sugar intake. Okay, so peaches have sugar. But they are still a pretty good food choice!

And, just what the World has been Waiting for.... she invented the Rubber Band Oven Mitt! A bit small, we'll admit, but this is just a prototype!

 And here Travis is, taking a geometry test. Doesn't he look happy? No. I didn't think so either.

But the Cats are Happy! Just look at them, all snuggled up together on the couch! (No one makes them take geometry tests!)

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