Thursday, April 17, 2014


I suggested recently that maybe the kids had outgrown decorating eggs. (Also, that they might consider it beneath their dignity to be given chocolate bunnies and jelly beans.) They disagreed with both these suggestions, and since I was planning to serve egg salad sandwiches at church coffee hour the week after Easter anyway, and also since they are very good about sharing their chocolate and jelly beans with their mother....

(The Easter demon. At least he dresses up nicely and smiles sweetly!)

Bad-Nose Bill and the sheriff. You may remember them from What Do You Say, Dear?

Travis.  Always intense.

I wouldn't have minded seeing a few more flowers and happy bunnies in Katie's art. If it is any excuse, she's been sick the past couple days.

 And she did make a special "chocolate cupcake" egg, just for me! I think she is more excited about my resumption of chocolate than I am, which is saying something!

And here are Travis's. Kermit the Frog looks a bit dazed.

And, of course, the Box Fox egg and the Unity symbol egg.

And this is nothing to do with eggs or chocolate, but Katie had her last book discussion meeting at the library on Tuesday for Wonder, by R.J. Palacio. I didn't read it, but she enjoyed it, and she really enjoyed getting together with other kids and discussing it over pizza! She says the young woman who led the group suggested they might do something similar, with another book, this summer. I hope so! The last meeting was longer than usual, and they got to make paintings (oil on canvas!) and these nicely framed sayings...

Isn't that nice?

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