Saturday, April 19, 2014

Wanted: A Cook

All cooking and no reading makes Melora a dull girl. Sigh. 
The "Youth" are hosting a pre-service breakfast tomorrow, as a fundraiser for the Maine trip. Youth my foot. 

We did have a lovely pre-Easter mid-day dinner today with my parents. Turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, salad, and a not-too-shabby orange-rum cake (drizzled in chocolate-orange sauce for those who didn't give up chocolate for Lent!). Ed is turkey master, my stuffing was pretty terrific (the sweet potatoes, topped with Peeps, were good too), and Katie made a fine salad. And then we played Bananagrams. Almost everyone won at least a round, and I (the non-winner) invented some words that amused me, anyway, so that was okay. And, as you'll notice, the cats took the opportunity to snuggle up just as close as they could to my dad. Isn't that sweet? They plan to go back to Maine with him this spring. We'll miss them, but who can stand between a man and (what are clearly destined to be) his cats? My parents are currently reading (really, listening to) The Aeneid, so they will understand that sometimes destiny is difficult and maybe even a bit hairy, but there is no point in fighting it!

 Awwww! If, by chance, my dad does manage to avoid his cat caretaker destiny for another year, I guess we won't mind much. Hairy and demanding they may be, with some truly repulsive little ways, but they are so cozy!

And, having picked the turkey off the carcass and turned it into the basis for a nice soup tomorrow, and cleaned up the mountain of dishes in the sink, I have big plans for not cooking tomorrow. Spaghetti is undoubtedly a traditional Easter dinner somewhere, and between that and whatever chocolate and jelly beans may show up tomorrow, I plan to call it good enough. After church (and washing dishes for the Youth's breakfast, of course!) I intend to snuggle up on the couch with a couple fat cats and read!

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