Monday, May 19, 2014

A Little Latin...

 (and no history, literature, etc. And less Greek.)

We met at our wonderful co-op leader's house today so that she could teach the kids their second-to-last lesson in this year's Latin class. Co-op has ended, but Latin goes on!

After the lesson there was time for play!
 (The boat kept sinking -- going under completely -- but that was apparently part of the fun.)

Travis zipping down the zip-line.

 (He presents no air resistance, so he goes like lightning!)

I believe there was some air soft stuff. With silencers, so as not to disturb the conversation of the moms. Such thoughtful boys.

And this is Katie, last week, modeling some lovely earrings she made. Good thing we don't play cards, or her choice of craft materials might have been a problem!

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