Sunday, June 01, 2014

Happy Piano Recital Day!

The kids had their recital this evening. I messed up (as usual), and missed the first couple seconds of Katie's piece, but it is a nice long one anyway. She played "Into the West" (from Lord of the Rings), and Travis played The Spinning Song.

Here they are. The little pianists are just so cute!

Afterwards Ed took us out to celebrate. The kids were So pleased!!!
 Travis was also pleased with his fortune.
 The rest of us got the sort of fortunes which portend doom: "You are strong enough to survive what is coming!" "Time heals all wounds." Hmmm.
(Katie and I figure that if disaster is coming, we might as well enjoy our jello now!)
 The boys, feeling smug.

And the pool is now operational! And I finished the Nicomachean Ethics!!!!

It is still quite green, but so far the frogs are being discreet.

Katie made this S'more Cake last week. It was fabulous! Here is the link. Ed says it is the best ice cream cake he's had (and it was chocolate, which isn't his favorite, so that's saying something!).

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Girl of Hope said...

i had so much fun it was the best recital ever. awesome blogs.