Saturday, June 21, 2014


We got Travis back yesterday afternoon! He had a wonderful time with the NC Junior Classical League officers. They made a promotional video for YouTube and the website, designed a t-shirt, went tubing, explored downtown Asheville, saw an elk, and ate at a Himalayan restaurant. He came home in good spirits and promptly reconnected with his computer. And tomorrow he goes to camp. For a week! Sigh. But I know he'll have a great time.
Katie had a pretty quiet time last week (though she did get picked from the audience at the library magic show to choose a playing card (the Queen of Spades), after which the magician tossed the whole deck in the air and -- magically! -- impaled the Queen of Spades on his sword!), but next week she has a few things planned! She'll get to go to VBS with the Presbyterians, to attend a science program at the library, and to have a friend come over for an afternoon. And we have plans to make a new dessert. Doing our best to keep loneliness for Travis at bay!

And I finished Plotinus! I'm reading The Monsters and the Critics before I read anything else difficult!

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