Thursday, July 03, 2014

Don't Blink!

 Our summer is flying past! *

(*But, yes, also a Doctor Who reference. Netflix finally got more episodes, and last night we watched what I assume was Amy and Rory's final episode, compliments of the Weeping Angels. Why are baby angels so much spookier than grown-up angels?)

In the last couple weeks, we dropped Travis off at camp...
 (He knows the routine. Making the name tag... and lice check!

 Plus, the yearly photo beside the bunk. This year he didn't want us to stick around and help make up the bunk. But I still got a good-bye hug!)

We had a pretty quiet week, but Katie did have a friend over one afternoon, and did a little VBS, plus a really excellent science program at the library (they made ice cream!).
 The girls made pretzels.

And we got in some reading.

And then we picked Travis up. You can't tell from the pictures, but he was pretty much a solid mass of poison ivy. Poor guy. It is still rather gruesome, actually.

And since then we've had a nice week together, puttering, doing a little science, and, of course, working on finishing up the last school year's math. Because math is So fun that it would be a shame not to drag it out enjoy it all summer, right?

The pool is still holding up, despite some issues with patches, and we've been enjoying it.

 (This Boethius has lovely footnotes.)

And tomorrow is the Fourth! The kids are looking forward to the parade, but for me it is all about that barbecue sandwich! Well, and the fireworks!

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