Thursday, August 07, 2014

Pool Day!

Our pool remains stubbornly green, despite a small fortune spent on chemicals. Rumor has it that there are new forms of life developing in the slime. Today we took the kids to the public pool, and it was a perfect afternoon for it. Not too hot, and we snagged a table with an umbrella! And, of course, this only happened because the place was unusually uncrowded. It really was lovely.

 (Peter Brown is wonderful. I've been putting this off, a bit daunted by the length. Well, and the subject. But it is actually quite a zippy read!)


The Foil Hat said...

Great pictures! I loved our community pool when I was growing up. They aren't really here in Florida.

Your idea of zippy reading and mine are different! LOL - I've added yours to my list. Someday my attention span will come back, right?

Melora said...

When you're in the mood to read about controversies in the early church, This is what you want! Brown knows his stuff, and he keeps things moving right along.

We had a couple really nice community pools around Vero Beach, and they were open year round, unlike the pools here, which are only open in the summer. Another win for Florida.