Saturday, August 02, 2014

Notification of the Postponement of August

In my little pocket universe here (you see -- that Doctor Who science comes in handy after all!) we are extending July for another few weeks. August brings the suggestion that I should have firm plans in place for a new school year and some enthusiasm for implementing them, and I need a little more time to work up to both of those things.


we've been polishing off last year's math and science and doing a fair lot of goofing around. (Katie has not turned green, but she has been enthusiastic about facial masks. Because, you know, twelve is not a moment too soon to start obsessing about flawless skin. At forty-eight, though, I've pretty much thrown in the towel, much to Katie's dismay, and she has taken to slathering me with masks and painting my toes every chance she gets. I resist, but she has youth and enthusiasm on her side.)

 Sweet as she is, I can forgive a lot!

 And just look at what Ed got up to! The stacks of books had once again become precarious, and Ed had the clever notion of replacing one of our "display" sections with real shelves. I'm gradually moving Ancients to less convenient shelves and Medieval/Renaissance/Enlightenment to the new shelves. We could almost call that preparing for a new school year, couldn't we? (And, in my defense, I do have most of the stuff for the new year. Still budgeting for the chemistry set. I just haven't thought much about how we'll fit it into our days and cover it in the year yet. But I'm sure I'll have thought about all that by the end of extended-July!)

The last event of our local library's summer program was a lock-in, from 8:00 pm to 8:00 am, and Katie talked me into letting her go. I think there were only around eight kids, all near her age, so it was pretty much a slumber party with a librarian instead of a parent losing sleep. And she had a marvelous time! They made catapults, played flashlight tag, etc. And she won two books, both of which look pretty good!

What they evidently did not do was sleep. She's been making up for that since I brought her home. Silly lamb.


The Foil Hat said...

When you finish your bookshelves, please come here and organize mine. The library sleepover sounds awesome! And, thanks for the heads up that we can extend months if we want to - is there paperwork involved?

Melora said...

The only paperwork is remembering Not to flip the calendar! (The Powers That Be know that those of us requiring extended months don't need the added burden of paperwork!)