Saturday, November 01, 2014


What with just having come back from Florida and both kids succumbing to illness the moment we walked in the door, Halloween costumes were a bit of an afterthought. It was too cold for togas (not that what they Did go in was much warmer), and ghosts are apparently passe (can you tell I was focusing on the fact that we have two white sheets?), so the kids went as zombies. Universal was running its Fright Night thing while we were there (we did not go), and zombies were big in the promotional posters. Katie is a devil zombie, and Travis is a swag zombie (he made the shirt himself, and, though I'm not a zombie fan, I do think he did a really nice job on the lettering!). 

It was raining and cold, and Travis did not want to walk with me (he says it's okay for teenagers to trick or treat with their little sisters, but not with their mothers -- apparently the sister provides a justification, but the mother removes it), so I sat in the car and listened to War and Peace while the kids walked the downtown shops and Main Street. They had fun, but they were pretty numb with cold when they got back in the car. Ridiculous things. And Katie felt ill again today and spent the day on the couch (she said I could eat as much of her candy as I wanted, so I know she feels woozy, poor silly lamb). 

Anyway, here they are, in all their gruesomeness. Also, they used red food color all over their faces, and it Won't Wash Off! Travis is just pinkish, but Katie is bright red. I told her she had to go to church tomorrow anyway. She says she'll go, but she'll wear a bandanna, like a bandit (though, as she pointed out, this will make taking Communion rather awkward). 

They carved pumpkins, too. Travis's was a bit of a rush job, but I kind of like the way  it is drooling.

It was fine, but I do miss the days when they looked cute in their costumes, instead of hideous.

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