Tuesday, November 11, 2014

They're Here!

My parents are here for the winter! So exciting. They came down earlier than last year, due to Maine being excessively cold, as I understand it. We had a couple cold days right off (and are due for a few more, I think), but the last couple days have been absolutely lovely here. We aim to please!

So far we've only gotten them over for one dinner and one game of Bananagrams (my dad and Travis won all the games -- next time they get all the "z's," "x's," and "q's," as a handicap), but now that they're here we are looking forward to some hikes and maybe some of Mom's cooking!

We are a bit behind schedule this week and trying to get back in the groove we lost after our trip to Florida and Travis's unexpected trip to the oral surgeon last Thursday. Actually, the visit to the oral surgeon was anticipated (dreaded, more like), but we were waiting for an opening and were caught by surprise when the office called last Wednesday night to say they had a spot on Thursday morning. Poor Travis. He is such a trooper -- never a complaint, but for a while there he looked absolutely dreadful. He's back to work now, though, busily preparing his presentation (on Developing a Website for Your Latin Club) for the NC Junior Classical League's Fall Forum this coming Saturday. We're all looking forward to the event, actually, as we'll be seeing friends again we haven't seen in a while. I hope the weather stays nice! 

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