Monday, December 22, 2014

Festive Chaos

Our house is festooned with empty boxes, extension cords, and powdered sugar, and we are feeling quite merry! And it isn't even Christmas yet!

We decided to let Travis build his computer, the components of which he mostly bought with his own savings, but which also included some Christmas presents (my parents gave him a magnificent "dragon" motherboard, and Ed and I gave him some pieces, including a a nifty case with a window, so you can see the dragon motherboard at work!), before Christmas. It seemed as if building a computer in the midst of holiday festivities and company might be a bit too stressful. And I am now quite sure we were right! It took two and a half days of intense effort, and there were several points at which disaster seemed imminent, but it is now Put Together and it Works! My dad was kind enough to come over and offer advice and moral support (Travis says it might not have gone so well if he hadn't!), but Travis did the work and can now look forward to playing and designing games on a pretty whizz-bang computer! After he unwraps it on Christmas day, of course. After installing the operating system he virtuously asked if he should wrap it, but I told him I'd do it. (Actually, I think I will have him help me, just so I don't break it. Can you imagine?)

And the kids made their gingerbread houses today. Sigh. It is Tradition and they enjoy it, but I think it is one of those traditions I won't miss too terribly much when they decide to set it aside!

Travis taking his fancy mouse -- the Razor Death Adder -- out of its box! He won it in a sweepstakes last summer, but he didn't want to use it until he had a "worthy" computer. The time has come!

The dragons at work!

And the gingerbread!

(Travis holding the house while it dries)

This is Katie's house. She ended up going with a flat roof design.

And Travis's. Something awful happened at some point and the roof fell in. Apparently his architectural skills are shakier than his computer skills.

And here Travis is encouraging his sister to pretend to devour her house. He is not above leading her into wickedness (and then watching the fallout with quiet amusement).

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