Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Happy Birthday, Mommy!

Today is my mom's birthday! Typically for them, she and my dad took us out for dinner, and my mom baked her own, absolutely delicious, carrot cake (I offered, but she declined. My cooking fame is occasionally a hindrance to my good intentions.). We did sing, anyway! (And she took that with her usual good humor!)


In other news... it's still cold here. Quite lovely, pretty often, but cold. But when I do get out I've been listening to Post Captain, by Patrick O'Brian, which is fabulous. My reading list for the year will need to be somewhat altered, as I intend to listen to all twenty of the Aubrey-Maturin books (I trudge around and around my walking trail smiling and sometimes laughing out loud, they are so funny! My local reputation for eccentricity must now be thoroughly cemented.).

And, since this has been a nearly blogless month (what with my frozen fingers and all), here are a few pictures to give an idea of how things have been...

Katie made these little critters. The purple bear was a birthday gift for my mom!

And this is a pasta dish Travis made recently. Very delicious (those red things are sun dried tomatoes).

Here he is, doing Science. He is smiling, but he actually has developed quite a loathing for pipetting.

And here Emma is assisting him with Algebra II. She is not so good with the mathy bits, but is excellent on Moral Support. Which counts for a lot.


The Foil Hat said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Your mom and Katie look so much alike - wow. Stay warm. 8)

Melora said...

Thanks, Amy! Katie did show very good judgement when she decided what she wanted from the genetic gene pool!