Sunday, April 05, 2015

Happy Easter!

It was a lovely Easter! Perfect weather, a beautiful service, and all eggs are accounted for.

And since March was not a very "bloggy" month, here are a few pictures.

Katie, with hair braided as per the instructions in a book she got for her birthday...

and Emma, doing what she does best. 

Travis took Driver's Education through a local high school during the month of March. (It seemed as if it took up the Entire month -- a spectacular lot of time. But the instructor was patient and Travis is now at least marginally confident. He drove the last leg of the trip home from church today and did just fine!) Here we are, hugging our "baby" before he headed off for the first class.

And here he is, wearing the virtual reality headset that he made out of cardboard. He had me try it on, set up to view a roller coaster ride, and I had to take it off -- it was that terrifying!

And we've finally gotten to Shakespeare!!! We spent a week reading Much Ado About Nothing together, then watching the video (the Tennant/Tate version, since we've seen the Branagh several times), and the kids wrote their own (short) versions. This past week we read Henry V and watched The Hollow Crown (Katie and I had seen it before, but Travis hadn't and was Really impressed, and he is a hard person to impress!) This week I'll be reading King Lear with Travis, and Twelfth Night with Katie (who won't read Lear on account of the thing with Gloucester's eyes). I have the Ian McKellan King Lear on order from Netflix, and we'll watch the Twelfth Night with Imogen Stubbs -- good stuff!

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