Saturday, May 09, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

It's been a while, but I'm still here! And today we had dinner with my parents! They're heading back to Maine soon, but we got in one last Saturday together.
Have I mentioned what an angel my mother is? Sweet, thoughtful, and generous, as well as highly decorative! I love you, Mommy!
(and my dad is pretty great too!)

The kids had the... interesting idea of playing "eyes closed" Bananagrams. We let them! Turns out that being able to read the tiles is pretty helpful.

And, since it has been about a month since my last post, a bit of catching up...

Emma does Not like grapefruit. She makes a habit of begging to lick my yogurt dish, but recently I had grapefruit in my bowl instead. She was not amused.

And we went to Chapel Hill again this year for the North Carolina Junior Classical League Convention, on April 17-18. Travis had a great year as Technology Coordinator for the NCJCL, and all the teachers involved in the organization had really nice things to say about the work he did. I'm pretty proud of him!

Katie loves the Chapel Hill campus. It is lovely!

And they gave out extra nice name tags this year! Ed was our chaperon.

Of course we had to visit the bagel shop for a salted bagel!

Travis, on his phone. He blended in with the students there pretty well!

Here he is, onstage, at the opening event, with the other officers.

Here is Katie, competing in her Circe costume. You've never seen so many Circes all in one place!

And then the Impromptu Art...

The hotel was pretty great. It had a heated pool!

Travis made a catapult for the catapult contest, but he neglected to read the fine print, which specified that they must be weighted, not wound. His worked nicely but was disqualified. Disappointing, but a good lesson in Read the Rules.

We did enjoy the chariot races.

 Both kids had some success in the art contests. Katie came in second in Middle School Poetry, plus placing in the cartoon and stuffed animal competitions,

and Travis placed with his drawing, photograph of a vineyard, and his Minecraft Circus Maximus model.

Not part of the convention, but an irresistible brag, Travis also earned another gold medal in the National Latin Exam last month. I was pleased!

The week after the convention, though, April 24, Ed's father passed away. He had been unwell, but his death was unexpected. We miss you, Bill.

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