Monday, August 31, 2015

Back to School, With all the Bells and Whistles

Today we started in on the Full Schedule. Adding in math, science, logic/rhetoric, piano, spelling, grammar. Latin started last week, and we'd begun history/literature/writing/govt. the week before. Travis's Digital Animation class, at the community college, is a disappointment, as the teacher is disorganized and so far shows no signs of planning to teach a digital animation class, but Travis is enjoying the social part, so we're going to carry on with it. Oh. And, in case you didn't notice...... puppy!!!

Some of my best childhood memories are of the golden retrievers we had when I was young, and the kids have long wanted a puppy (Bo was seven when we adopted him), and what with Travis turning 17 and Katie 13, I figured it was now or never for their "childhood" golden memories. So.... we got a puppy!

He doesn't have a name yet, but isn't he just the sweetest thing ever? We are all head over heels in love. He was really good last night, and so far no accidents. The cats are not totally on board yet, but I expect they'll come around. Probably.

Here are a few from when we picked him up. There were two little boys, and we thought that the couple choosing ahead of us had already chosen this little guy, so we fell in love with his brother. And then they chose a little girl instead, so we had to choose!

(The car ride. He was so good. He whimpered a bit about ten minutes before we got home, and when we pulled over and let him out he did what he had said he needed to do. What a good puppy!)

Here's Ed, with the brothers (the pictures got a little out of order). We chose the puppy with the long tongue, since he seemed a little less independent and his breeder suggested he might be a bit easier for pushovers like us to train (not that she phrased it that way!). The other was a little bigger. Both were snuggly as all get out. The choosing was hard! But we picked the perfect puppy for us!

He sleeps a lot. Is he Cute or what?


Janie said...

Oh, oh, oh! I can't type the sounds I make when I see those puppy pictures! That little sweet thing! I love that tired-out, flaked-out one in his kennel. Bless his heart. You all will spoil him rotten, as you should! :) Enjoy! And great start on school. Enjoy that too!

Melora said...

Thanks, Janie! He is just absurdly cute, and it is hard to focus on school when there is a sweet puppy to cuddle, but we're working on the "cuddle/study balance" thing.

Anonymous said...

I could not stop squealing at the cuteness!!!!!