Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Newsflash! Puppies are Really Cute!

Well, sure. All puppies are cute. But this one is especially cute! Also, he now has a name! Well, almost. Phineas or Finnegan. Either way, though, he's going by "Finn" or "Finny." 

"I swear by my pretty floral bonnet..." (Much as the bonnet suits him, he says "dress up" is not his favorite game!)

He goes into his crate to sleep, sometimes.

The kids decided to formally introduce him to Emma. She was not all that pleased to make his acquaintance.

  Her expression here makes me think of Lady Catherine de Bourgh, in Pride and Prejudice. If looks could kill, I'm afraid little Finn would be in big trouble. Still, I'm sure they'll be dear friends. Someday.

He watched the American history video with us this morning. He says he finds American government more interesting than Napoleon, but less interesting than his duck. Or chasing things. Well, actually, he only watched for a few minutes, and then he went off to take another nap.

Bothering Harry. Finny really wants Harry to play with him. And he is sure that if he gives him enough friendly head-butts Harry will eventually start to play. So far it has not worked that way.

Plays hard. Sleeps hard. Thank goodness!

This is the way Emma likes him. Asleep in his crate. She watches him, from a distance.

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