Friday, September 04, 2015

And Now for Something Completely Different!

Oh. Wait. I lied.

Sure, we've been doing stuff. School. I moved the peonies and irises to the back yard (Our yard is getting a "mullet" -- "business in the front, party in the back" -- makeover. Well, not a dramatic makeover. But the ranginess of the peonies (and ours are rather puny) and the rattiness of the off-season irises has been displeasing the important someone around here with an orderly disposition. Chaotic plants moved to the back, and soon we will put nice tidy azaleas (and maybe a few little boxwoods) in the bed by the front porch.). But it's really been all about.... Finny!

(He is Not the ideal teacher's aide. Much too inclined to nibble on the teacher's manual, and also to suggest that the lesson has gone on quite long enough before we are actually finished. Fortunately he is mostly willing to nap during teacher-intensive lessons.)

He has found a new "cave" he likes!

And he also found a new favorite spot in the yard. The Damp Clay Corner. Cool, sticky red clay -- what fun! Killjoy that I am, I intend to deny him this joy as soon as possible!

Emma's feelings toward Finn are straightforward. She dislikes him. Fairly intensely, I'm afraid. Today she started hissing at him. He had begun to lose his respect for her and had given her a few good pokes, but the hissing makes him nervous. Harry, however, finds him fascinating. When Finn comes out the door, Harry trots over. Unfortunately, their ideas of what constitutes companionable behavior are rather different. I think Harry would like a furry friend with whom to bask in the sun. Finn wants to rock and roll.

Here he is, nibbling on plants. At least someone around here shares my taste for green food!

Finn has not yet grasped "fetch." He is happy to chase a ball, but he has yet to bring it back. Bo was the same way, all his life, but I have high hopes that soon the "retriever" thing will kick in and I will be able to exercise my dog from the comfort of my lawn chair.

Eyeing up Harry, preparatory to bouncing him.

Here, I believe Harry is saying something discouraging.

To little effect.

When he's had enough, Harry leaves.

Finny doesn't find his nice toys nearly as interesting as all the lovely sticks in the yard. Which he tries to eat. Silly baby.

Trying to dig to China.

A nice roll in the mud.

And some yummy dirt!

After all the outdoor fun, Finny got a bath. He is not keen on being bathed, but he adores being dried off!

Silly baby!


Janie said...

Love, love, love! And Finnie! Love it too!

The cats, well, Emma, will probably come around. She's doing her thing...showing him who's boss. You know that quote "Dogs believe they are human. Cats believe they are God." True.

Enjoy! Our two year old Blue Doberman *still* loves to chew on sticks. And eat them. We call him WoodButt when we see him doing that. :)

Melora said...

Thank you, Janie! I figure it is best that the cats earn his respect now, before he gets too big. Emma is slow to warm up to everyone, not just obnoxious puppies, so I think there is hope that she eventually Will find him tolerable.

The sticks aren't so bad, although his baby appetite is still tentative and I want him eating food, not lumber. It's the mushrooms, weeds, and decaying worms that concern me! I Hope it doesn't take him two years to quit eating All The Things, but I guess we'll see!

sethridge77 said...

Oh, he is so cute! When he gets a little bigger, you need to get a Chuck-It for him, so that you can throw the ball from the comfort of your chair AND not get your hands dirty! These pictures of Finn makes my day!