Wednesday, September 23, 2015

You Know What's Coming!

And I wouldn't want to disappoint you! 

We're chugging along with school, the yard is looking better, and the weather has been lovely for walking, though cool (by my standards) for sitting outside with a book. But sitting outside with a book, with a mischievous puppy and a cat eager to take refuge in one's lap, isn't conducive to reading anyway, so the chill doesn't much matter. And it is, as I said, really lovely out.

Finny loves this red can cap.

And this cat.

Heck, Finny loves just about everything!

These are my new cookies. That is, I found an old recipe for peanut butter cookies (peanut butter, sugar, egg) which I can eat, because they have no flour. I can't actually eat more than one, or maybe two, because of the sugar, but still! Finny can also eat them, and likes them very much, but he doesn't get more than a nibble because, as I tell, him the sugar is bad for his teeth. He reminds me that we brush his teeth, but I am firm.

And here I am being firm about his nails. Having his nails clipped is one of the few things Finny does not love. Even a little. He does, however, love the treats that go with nail trimming. (Proper puppy treats, not my peanut butter cookies.)

He chewed on me enough to earn a headlock. Poor lamb. Those little teeth are sharp!

Here he is, begging the documentary photographer to send help!

"If I give her sweet kisses will she keep persecuting me?"

Yes, she will!

And here is Travis with Finn.

Finny, unlike Travis and Katie, has never met a fruit or vegetable he didn't like! Okay, I lie. Just a little. Tonight I gave him spinach and iceberg lettuce, and, after giving both of them a sincere effort, he decided that Finnys don't like spinach and iceberg. They do, however, like  love sugar snap peas, snow peas, English cucumbers, carrots, apples, and bananas. Appearances to the contrary, though, we are limiting quantities of these (heck, I need something to eat too!). He only got a piece of the banana, and he's now enjoying it in occasional frozen slices.

He reminds me to take very frequent breaks to go outside.

Katie also got him this lovely sombrero! We think he looks great in it, but he says he wants to save it for Halloween. Or eat it.


Anonymous said...

SO CUTE!! Rhys loves veggies and fruits-especially watermelon! I give him minced carrots with his dinner every day. The only vegetable he hasn't eaten so far is celery.

Melora said...

Ooh! What a good idea! I've been giving vegis as treats, but mixing some carrots into his food would probably be a better idea than spicing it up with a bit of peanut butter (he is Insane for peanut butter -- goes absolutely Nuts when anyone opens the jar -- but the vet says only to give him a very little bit). I'll try that -- thanks!