Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Our Baby is Growing Fast!

Fortunately he is also learning fast! We are making good progress in those most crucial puppy skills -- going outside for pottying, and not biting the hands that feed, pat, etc. him. And he is just deliciously cuddlesome!

We've had about a week of seemingly endless rain (and are apparently getting another), but today was lovely and we made the most of it! Lots of running around, chasing the ball, and chewing on mulch (that last is just Finny).

This is Finny's favorite room in the house. The refrigerator. Cold air and food. What more could a puppy want! But because we are very cruel, we refuse to let him climb all the way in and have a proper explore. Poor puppy.

The kids made him a foam box so he could break out of it. He is looking a bit tragic here, but it didn't take him long to figure out how to burst out in a satisfyingly destructive way.

Here is a gratuitous cookie shot. This is the way the kids like those flour-free peanut butter cookies. Finny and I are more restrained.

And here is Finn, playing Poor Prisoner.

Poor Prisoner wearing his food dish as a hat.

Ed is sensible and carries an umbrella when he takes Finny out in the rain. Finn does his best to stay under the umbrella too. And he says that rubber boots would be nice.

What with the rain, we worked on Climbing the Stairs this week, and Finn has them mastered. He started off very hesitant, but now he goes frighteningly fast. Crazy kid.

He likes watching tv with Ed. His eyes look a little demonic here, but tv can do that to a person pup.

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