Sunday, October 18, 2015

Cold, Finny, and Finny's Chicken

It is now Cold. I will try not to moan too much, but...

Here is my dad, surrounded by a halo of light, as is his wont, looking skeptically at something in the backyard while Finn nibbles delicately on the back of his shoe.

Here is Finn, looking innocent, as my dad glances back to see just what that was going on with the back of his foot.

"Who, me? Nibble a shoe? Perish the thought!"

The poor sweet baby has been a bit tired and listless all week, since those wretched vaccinations. His appetite has remained good, though, so we think he will regain his oomph.

I love the way he's looking at Ed here. "Gosh, Dad! I have no idea how this hand got in my mouth!"

Katie, raking leaves.

We've had this chicken waiting "in the wings" for just the right moment. Now that the weather is cold (did I mention that before?), we brought out the thick, soft crate bed, so Finny won't be cold sleeping all alone in his lonely crate downstairs (sniff!). And then we figured that a puppy who is mature enough to have a lovely soft crate bed is also mature enough to have a large squeaky, plushy chicken. So....

Finn meets chicken!

He Loves the chicken! It took him a while, but eventually he figured out how to make her big tummy squeaker "squeak." He was So pleased. (She is quite deluxe, with squeakers of varying tonalities in her wings, feet, and head, as well as the large tummy squeakers. Nothing but the best for our baby boy!)

He gathered up a pile of his favorite toys, and then he couldn't figure out how to play with All of them at Once.

Silly, spoiled baby!

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